Haunted Voices – Haunt Publishing

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Have wanted to do a post on this for a while… I’ve loved reading Haunted Voices by @hauntpublishing. A big shoutout to the talented folks who put it together and to all the authors who contributed to the anthology (those who follow us and those who don’t). I love that a project like this exists, one that is both a cultural crystallization of contemporary Scottish talents and yet an homage to a longstanding regional tradition. All the stories are downright eerie, spooky, atmospheric, and just as diverse as the many authors themselves. It’s filled with ghost wives, many a haunted house, mysterious shadows, and all the likes of murderous academia. And all the illustrations, not to mention the book itself, are all beautiful. As fellow Gothic enthusiasts, this book is a delight and an inspiration.

P.S. I travelled to the only loch in New York City just to take this photo…

Story by The Editors