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The Dictator’s Bride

The Dictator’s Bride Rebecca Ferrier Illustration by Jana Galushkina   It is always 32°C. The reptile house at Edinburgh Zoo maintains this temperature through heat lamps, rinsing us—the snakes, lizards, turtles, and me—in red. The light sweats across each tank, feeding station, the hygrometer device (for measuring humidity) and the collar to my would-be-cream-now-red blouse. […]

The Chimes of Graig Trewyddfa

The Chimes of Graig Trewyddfa Rhys Owain Williams Illustration by Joseph Gough   Sometimes Jamie thinks about what he’d do if he inherited his nan’s house, which walls he’d knock down. He’d probably have them all go, strip the wallpaper and put that laminate flooring all the way through. Make the downstairs open plan, like […]