Note From The Editors

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Cover Art by Maria Buttulle

Note From The Editors


Welcome to Issue Two of New Gothic Review!

This magazine emerged from the idea that some of the best Gothic literature happens on the periphery of other genres, lurking beyond the places where one might look. In this issue, you’ll find stories that push the margins of what we consider to be Gothic literature today—bold and modern stories that rot from the inside out.

You’ll find tales that embrace weird fiction and folk horror, ecogothic and supernatural. There are settings both familiar and new: from the English coast to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas and the barren stretches of Australia. There’s no shortage of death, decay, and secret histories here. They’ve just been injected with DNA from the 21st century.

The Gothic genre allows us to confront and make sense of the darkness in our lives. It’s a genre for the human condition, belonging to every culture and country. This issue is a celebration of those stories. We hope you enjoy.

Story By The Editors

Illustration By Maria Buttuller
Maria Buttuller is a British artist and linoleum printmaker. Her prints are made by using traditional printmaking techniques at her Brighton-based home / studio—The Old Crooked House. Maria’s designs explore unsettling narratives, shadowy creatures, Gothic literature, religion, folk horror, feminism and mythic imagery. She is inspired by everything from Aubrey Beardsley and Alexander Mc Queen to modern popular culture and a really good story. You can follow Maria and find details of her Etsy shop on Instagram @loveable_maria