New Gothic Review is an online, bi-annual literary magazine for modern Gothic and Weird short fiction. These are stories for the 21st century, stories that rot from the inside out. We don’t concern ourselves too much with formal definitions of what the Gothic is. We aim to infuse Gothic literature with new settings and new narratives. If there are barriers to what Gothic literature can be, we want to bring them down.

We treat the stories we publish the same way that we’d want our own writing to be treated: with close editorial care, thoughtful attention to presentation, and lasting promotion.



Ian McMahon: Founder & Publisher

Zachary Monahan: Founder & Webmaster

Elizabeth Israel: Editor & Copy Editor



New Gothic Review is free to read. We want it to be accessible to all readers and to provide our writers with an easily shareable showcase of their work.

However, paying our contributors is an essential part of our mission. We rely solely on the financial support of our readers to exist.



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