Yellow door final

Espejos / Ojos

Espejos / Ojos R. M. Sandoval     Before the bad dreams started, Luna had never been afraid of her reflection. Her teachers sometimes asked her mom if she was insecure, but she wasn’t at all— “You’re too shy, mija,” her mom would chide her after the parent-teacher meetings—she just liked to be quiet so […]


Douglas Copeland

Douglas Copeland John Leahy     Reed studied his tired eyes in the taxi’s passenger rear-view mirror. Underneath the bloodshot orbs were heavy bags. He was always pretty good at sleeping on planes, but he’d known getting on the plane at LaGuardia that he wouldn’t be sleeping much on the flight. This supposition had proved […]



Butterfly Tim Jeffreys     Camber called goodnight over her shoulder, then ushered Tina out of The Pineapple’s back door. Before the club’s door slammed behind her, Tina heard Nadine’s tart reply from inside. “Goodnight gentlemen.” “Did you hear that?” Tina said to Camber. “What a bitch.” “Oh, ignore her,” Camber said. “She’s full of […]

I'll Bring It In

I’ll Bring It In

I’ll Bring It In Rebecca Parfitt     ‘If you leave your washing out overnight you will invite the Devil in.’ Old Proverb   Cate watched the clean air-dried bedsheets become soaked and heavy in the rainstorm. There was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t move for her baby, Esme, suckling at her […]


The Hala Tree Walks In Darkness

The Hala Tree Walks In Darkness Joseph Demarco     Hala  (noun) Sin, offense, fault, error. Ho’ohala. To cause to sin. (verb) To pass, elapse (as time); to pass by; to miss; to pass away, die. (noun) The pandanus or screw pine, native to Hawaii growing at low altitudes both cultivated and wild. It is […]


Royal Palm Court

Royal Palm Court A. A. de Levine     The neighbors’ lions and horses are a dusty rose color with a high sheen. When the midday sun hits them, they glow pink. They hold stately ionic columns upon their backs, faces stoic despite the weight they carry. A porte-cochère, it’s called. That’s French. Royal Palm […]

Letter From The Editors

Heather Parr Dear reader, Hello and welcome to the first edition of the New Gothic Review! As is perhaps expected, we are long time admirers of Gothic literature and the phenomenal works that have emerged from the genre. Inspired by our love for these classic tales, we built this magazine to cultivate stories that reimagined […]